Friday, 7 April 2017

The Gamemaker Podcast Episode 1 - Hello World!

Greetings everyone - it's finally here, it's Episode 1 of The Gamemaker Podcast! 

This episode we have;

An introduction

My first ever interview - I'll be speaking Sebastion Nigro - AKA Seabass, about the journey from Half Life Map Modder to full on GameMaker Studio Guru.

A selection of new games made using GameMaker Studio

Lots more of waffle from myself, and some cheesy music!


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Show Notes


Links Related to my interview guest, Sebastian Nigro - AKA Seabass

Rock God Tycoon - 

Available on Steam;

Project Explore

Also Available on Steam;

Sebastian's on Twitter Page;


Games made with GameMaker;

Rock God Tycoon - (again!)

Available on Steam;

Pixel Craft-Space Shooter 

Apple iTunes App Store;

Google Play;

Frankrit Eats Meat

Google Play;

Erin: The Last Aos Sí

Apple iTunes App Store;

Google Play;

Amazon App Store;

Windows Mobile App Store;

3 Grams Digital Scales App

Google Play;



  1. Fantastic work on this, I'm looking into getting into gamemaker and this has convinced me to give it a shot. Also helping me through a night at work. Thanks Jim.

    1. Aww, cheers Chris. Glad to help, happy you're enjoying the show and best of luck with your own GameMaker adventure :)