Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Website is Officially Live!

Greetings people. Congratulations for finding this website, which just happens to be the official home of...

The Gamemaker Podcast

Thus far, the only podcast for and about users of Yoyo Games awesome game making platform, GameMaker Studio.

A very quick, pre-launch F.A.Q.

Q. When will the first episode of the podcast actually go live? 

A. Very soon! This coming Friday, the 7th April 2017. If you were to press me on specifics I'd say
around about lunchtime, British Summertime. Or just a tiny bit after...

Q. You had absolutely no help putting this website together, right?

A. This is very true. Apologies - I am to web design what myxomatosis was to rabbits.

Q. Why is it all so...Green?

A. I like the colour green. I was aiming for something very simple, and I liked the idea of making it look a bit like an 'old skool' green CRT computer display.

Q. Why do you spell 'colour' like that?

A. 'Cos I'm British and despite exporting the English language all over the globe, being that our own variation of it is the oldest, it's got all the weird, historical linguistic bastardisations and illogical spellings left in it.

Me being British also explains my rather ridiculous accent, as you'll hear in the first episode of the podcast.

Q. Why did you use a retro font on the website?

A. Well, what else are you going to have on a retro looking green CRT computer display, Ariel? Be thankful I didn't use Comic Sans.

Q. Can you give us a clue as what the first episode of the podcast will be like?

A. Oooooh, spoilers! Without wanting to give too much away, episode 1 is going to start with a longer than usual introduction where I explain what it's all about and why I'm doing this. Then there will be recorded interview with a fairly well respected GameMaker developer and member of the GMC. After that there will be a short round up of some the most interesting new games I've come across recently that were made with GameMaker Studio. Then a brief outro, then I'll head off to the pub.

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